The SunTrap 24/7 Solar Generation System solution provides users with 24/7 reliability and low electricity costs,including avoidance of high utility transmission and distribution costs, using a hybrid system which combines solar photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) field with thermal energy storage.

SunTrap Solar Offers the Triple Advantage Solution.


electricity generation and jobs


savings with stable, predictable energy costs


renewable energy generation with no emissions or pollution

Norwich Solar Technologies offers this system to educational institutions, hospitals, municipalities, farms, utilities, and commercial, industrial and small businesses. We provide development, design, permitting, procurement, and construction services along with structured financial solutions. Long-term operations and maintenance support for your power system is also available.

About Norwich Technologies

Norwich Solar Technologies specializes in complete end-to-end solar electric services including: Development, Design, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, Power Purchase Agreements, Structured Financial Solutions and Operations and Maintenance. Our clients include Educational Institutions, Utilities, Municipalities, Commercial and Industrial Enterprises, Farms, Nonprofits, and Small Businesses.

Our Mission

Norwich Solar Technologies strives to rapidly advance the integration and deployment of affordable Renewable Energy Solutions to help companies, organization and stakeholders improve their Triple Bottom Line (Financial, Social and Environmental) and move towards energy independence.

Our Partners

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