Disruptively Superior Receiver

Norwich Technologies is developing a disruptively superior receiver for trough concentrating solar power (CSP), the SunTrapTM. Our disruptive technology marshals diverse advances in materials and coatings to revolutionize all aspects of CSP trough receiver design. By enabling significant operational and cost advances in the most trusted and broadly implemented form of CSP, solar trough, our technology has the prospect for rapid, widespread adoption. By improving performance while reducing acquisition and O&M costs, our proposed parabolic-trough receiver-mirror pair contributes importantly to reaching the SunShot goal of 6 ¢/kWh LCOE for CSP. The SunTrap receiver:


Operates at higher temperatures (T)

by using an insulated, recessed radiation-collection system to overcome the energy losses that plague vacuum-tube receivers at high T

>550 Degrees COperating Temp

Decreases acquisition costs

via simpler structure and manufacture, resulting in lower acquisition costs and near-zero O&M costs.

Almost ZEROO&M Costs

Dramatically increases reliability

by eliminating vacuum. It offers comparable optical efficiency with thermal loss reduction from ≥ 26% (at presently standard T) to ≥ 55% (at high T).

>26% ThermalLoss Reduction
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